Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello Birdie!


A quick update:

This August, I started teaching at the private K-12 school at my church.  I am teaching Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, an art class, and flute lessons, and I am absolutely loving it!  The kids are great, and I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to teach.  Instead of dreading Mondays like I did in my previous job, I now look forward to them - what a great feeling!

Because this is my first year teaching, I obviously have a lot of prep work to do - which explains my absence online!

My plan:
  • To post here when I can, even if it's just a picture, Bible verse, or quick story.
  • To keep my Creek Bed Threads Etsy store open, adding new items when possible (which won't be much).
  • To temporarily put my Creek Bed Cards Etsy shop on vacation to lighten the load.
  • To close my old Aunt E's Things Etsy shop that I haven't touched in forever anyway :-)
 So I hope that you - my friends, family, and readers - will stay with me through this exciting time of change!

With much love,



Anonymous said...

You're missed Erin! I pray that the Lord blesses you in the work of your hands!

Rustique Art said...

Erin that is wonderful!
I love reading your blog so I will look forward anything you post, especially a Bible verse along with one of your beautiful photos. Your students are blessed to have such a thoughtful, sweet teacher.

I too have closed one shop on Etsy...just too much (hugs)

jamfiescreations1 said...

I'm so happy to hear that you will be blogging again. You have been missed girl. And I am so excited for you and your new job.

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