Friday, November 19, 2010

Swagbucks for Couponing

I am quite excited this morning - two of my favorite ways to save money, Swagbucks and, have collided! 

Swagbucks is a website where you can earn points, and trade those points in for gift cards.  So far, I have traded in my points for $25 worth of Amazon gift cards!  And it's completely free to do.  Usually I earn points for just searching the web through their toolbar.  You can earn at least 10 swagbucks a day doing this, so after 45 days you'll be able to earn a $5 Amazon gift card.  Sure, it takes a while, but it's free money!

But on to the reason for this post.

Today I found out that you can now print coupons through Swagbucks (the same coupons that are available on and earn 10 swagbucks for every coupon you use!!  How awesome - I'll earn even more swagbucks for doing something I already do!

Here's how you get started:
  1. Sign up for Swagbucks.
  2. Install the Swagbucks toolbar.
  3. Click "Earn" and then select "Coupons"
  4. Sort through the coupons, selecting which you'd like, and print them
  5. Redeem the coupons at your local grocery store
  6. Earn swagbucks!!!
  7. Redeem for Amazon gift cards!!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's cool...I'll have to check it out.

How have you been?!?!? Are you still on etsy? miss seeing you!

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