Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Locks and De-wallpaper-ing

The first thing on our to-do list as new home owners was to replace the locks on the front and side doors.  Both doors will be replaced at some point, but for now, we just updated the locks.  So  now we have some spiffy new locks on some ugly dirty doors!  We still don't have water, so we can't really start cleaning much yet.  I'm really looking forward to that!

My mom also left us a surprise to find when we stopped at the house after closing - a "new" bird feeder as well as a young dogwood tree for us to watch grow over the years :-)

I also went to town scraping wallpaper!  It was much easier than I thought.  I peeled off the front of all the wallpaper, which left just the backing stuck to the wall.  I took some warm water, and mixed in a little bit of Dawn dish soap.  I sprayed it on the backing, one big section at a time.  Then I took a large scraper - like a mega razor blade on a stick ($10 at Lowe's) - and scraped the backing right off.  The scraper I used was similar to this one, but a different brand.

It wasn't hard at all, and it's starting to look a little better!  I didn't have a ladder with me to reach the high stuff, but the rest is done, and it only took about 2 hours.

The wall below was covered in wallpaper as well.  You can see just a corner of it in the "before" picture.

I'm so glad the wallpaper wasn't a nightmare.  Anyone else find that the Dawn solution works wonders?



Anonymous said...

Looking good!

I used DIF...but your idea seems much more affordable! When do you plan to move in?

Lindsay said...

I was lucky, just some warm water did the trick for us! I can't believe your walls are white underneath, that's where we found our pepto-pink paint hiding.
Looks like your living room, dining room, and kitchen are set up a lot like our floorplan. I love the semi openness!

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

humm...wonder what's under the carpet? Have you looked...I bet you have. I'm excited about the stairs. There are so many people out there blogging about their stair redos.

I missed any info on your condo, did you guys sell it already?

Anonymous said...

I love your new house! Have fun working on it and making it exactly how you want it! I'm excited to see your progress and the finished product!

Anonymous said...

Erin and Jared, Wow we are happy for your bargain! Let us know if we could help with something, Aunt Linda

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