Tuesday, May 10, 2011

April Hope

 I was so lucky to be able to take these pictures of my cousin's new baby, April Hope.  She's quite adorable!



Anonymous said...

Oh Erin, thanks for posting these...it was so nice to see them.
Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

She's so precious!!!! AWE...It brings back memories...but they grow so FAST!!!!! What great shots, Erin! Lovely!

Alison said...

Auntie Erin is the best! :) Thank you for coming and taking April's pictures -- they are perfect (even if we had someone who only sort-of cooperated!) and I can't wait to print and hang some up! :)

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

You have captured the miracle of birth! Words can never say what these photo express.

galoregirl said...

oh Erin, these are just lovely! She is beautiful! God is great!

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