Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Mail Solution

No, not a "male" solution.  Although that would be nice, too... ;-)

Our mail has always been an issue - we never have a proper place for it, and important mail always seems to get misplaced or forgotten.  My husband saw this idea in a magazine, and shortly after, I saw the idea on Pinterest.

We just happened to have some old "saloon doors" from our kitchen that were disregarded pretty much as soon as we bought the house.  I touched these up with some new white paint, and distressed them with sandpaper and glaze.  I sprayed them with some clear polycrylic and voila!  A mail system that seems to be working quite well.

Our entry area isn't quite done, but I'm happy with it for the moment :-)

Thanks to the Pinterest Challenge for spurring me on!


Anonymous said...

LOL...there they are...or one of them at least. =) I LOVE IT! You could make another one to give away or sell! =) What a great idea Erin and so welcoming an entry way!

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Look! It showed up in my feed! YAY!

Seriously cute idea! I could see this by my computer desk, too. Maybe a window picture frame or bulletin board with shutters for holding mail on each side. Hmmm...

Tamsyn said...

I could see this in my home office too. Thanks for the inspiration!

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