Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, now that it's officially past Thanksgiving, I can start decorating for Christmas! I scored some decent deals this weekend on things and was very anxious to get it all together.

First, we found this old table in my parents garage - they have no idea where it came from, but I love it. I cleaned it up, and added a set of three white mugs filled with succulents (all cost less than $10 - found the mugs at Ross, and the succulents were on clearance at Lowes!). We also got the 2 chairs from my parents, as well as a bench tucked behind the table, all of which I plan to paint white.

Second, I found poinsettias at Lowes on Black Friday for 99 cents each, so I got 10 :) I put 8 of them in a galvanized bucket that I also found at Lowes, and it's now sitting on our fireplace. I collect Santon from Provence, France, and I will be putting those out on our fireplace as well.


SHEILA said...

I LOVE that table!

Kelli and Brad said...

Sheila stole my comment;o) Gorgeous find!

Anonymous said...

I love your decorating! (Bloomfield Beads)

Christie Cottage said...

I love the table just as it is!

Decorating can be so much fun, especially when you find bargains!

Alison said...

Also like the table...but can we just talk about how you "found it in your parents garage", wouldn't you know if you had a table like that!?! ;) Glad you're putting it to good use :)

Also love the poinsettias :)

Dionne said...

LLLLOOOOOOOOVE the table! Oh my gosh, it's gorge, Erin!

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