Monday, November 2, 2009

TeamCAC giveaway

Today is an exciting day! It's the official start of the teamCAC giveaway!

I am part of a lovely group of Christians of mostly women called team Christian Artists and Crafters (we have one brave male who ventures in once in a while, often in the midst of conversations about husbands, bras, and who knows what else). We are all sellers on Etsy, and have all come together to form our team because of our common bond in Christ. Our team is there to support each other through life, help each other with our shops, and most importantly to glorify God (ok ok ok, and the bonus of 'one stop shopping' doesn't hurt...)!

With the holiday season coming up, our team wanted to do something special. We decided that we would host a huge giveaway, and you could be a winner!

The giveaway will be going on for the entire month of November. We will be giving away small prizes on the 13th and 20th, one large box of goodies on Black Friday, and then 2 large boxes of goodies on Cyber Monday. There will be over 40 items being given away - this is a really huge event for our team.

Please, head on over to the giveaway and enter today! It's free, and very simple to do!

1 comment:

Kelli and Brad said...

Happy to get the word out Erin!! I'd heart half of your designs if I could figure out how too...haha, maybe I need a nap;o)

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