Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Free Project

Don't you love the free boxes at garage sales?  Sure, most of the time it's junk, but occasionally you find some stuff with great possibilities.

Last Friday I found this frame for free, and I knew it had found a home :-)

I brought it home and took the glass, backing, and nails out (all of which took about 5 minutes).

And then I spray painted it the same color as my kitchen chairs.

I found some art that I had done in college that never got framed, but that I've always liked...
Put em on the wall, and ta-da!

New art for the entrance into the kitchen... for free!

Have you scored any free or near-free items lately? I'd love to hear about them!



Anonymous said...

Very nice! Gotta love a good freebie! It looks great!
Christie (luvncrafts.etsy)

Studio JRU said...

Looks great! And for sure you can not beat free!! :)


Rustique Art said...

ahem...*blush* does dumpster diving count?

Found a great basketball goal (plastic kids basketball goal) sitting on the curb. Picked up and put it by the pool for the kids to play water ball.

Anonymous said...

Great find! I haven't even been successful finding stuff to pay for at garage sales. I'm not discouraged though. I'm going to scout out bargains again this weekend!

Lavon said...

Looks like you really scored with this freebie. The "remake" looks wonderful! I have not been allowing myself to go to garage sales for a much other stuff to do (anyway, it's too hot right no to be out!)

New End Studio said...

Unlucky in freebies, but just wanted to tell you that your green frame is very pretty and the artwork is just right. Makes me think I should frame some of my old stuff. Good one!

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