Monday, July 5, 2010

Shooting in RAW

Before tonight, I shied away from "RAW".  Taking pictures in RAW was something unknown to me, and honestly, it still is.  Most DSLRs have the option to shoot in jpeg or raw, and usually it's just easier for me to shoot in jpeg.  But tonight (after my brother-in-law gave me the push I needed), I gave raw a shot.  And here's what I discovered...

Vibrant, rich, true colors, without the noise or graininess.  Exposure... spot on (even if it wasn't when I took the picture!).

For comparison, I have a converted jpeg image (shot in raw) of the straight out of the camera image, and then the adjusted image, using photoshop elements on the raw image.

What I normally do with the SOOC jpeg image is take it through the ringer in photoshop elements, applying all sorts of Pioneer Woman actions, adjusting the levels, saturation, etc. etc.  So I did my normal process to the SOOC jpeg version of the image, just to compare to see if raw really does turn out better than my normal final product... and I think I like the raw image much better!  What about you?

And... if I've totally lost you by now, don't worry, I really have no idea what I'm doing either, so we can just enjoy some pretty flowers from my sister-in-law's garden!!!!  :-)



Jennifer said...

Love your last line! :) They are pretty flowers. I didn't even know this thing call RAW existed. Is that something for only manual shots, or does that setting apply to auto shots as well? It is interesting... I might have to try and give it a shot sometime! I do like the raw image!

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful...I love the orange! =)

Shermanators said...

Know I think you have inspired me! I'm not sure if our SLR has raw but I am now going to check it out! Pictures are gorgeous. I like the one at the top best.... =)

Twyla Gariepy said...

I never shoot in raw anymore. It was always such a pain in my butt to have to go into program A (some kind of photoshop extension that came with my camera but isn't usable right from my photoshop - didn't make sense), convert it to something visible/usable, so that I could open in it another program to edit it. Never did notice any difference with grain or crispiness between the two options raw or jpeg. So I gave up on raw. Now I just use lightroom which for some reason ignores all raw files and yet converts all non raws to dng. Again doesn't make sense to me. Anyways. THats my problem.
But out of your images I have to say the top one and the second one are the nicest, THe top one looks like it shows a smidge of grain from sharpening, maybe.
ANyways, sorry to intrude.

Christina Moreno- floresdelsol said...

you are the second person this week i have seen try raw out! I guess I will have to soon too! Thanks for the post, I am trying to learn all i can.

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