Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cheap Sunglasses

 A couple weeks ago, I found out about a sweet deal - 9 pairs of women's sunglasses for only $9.99, with free shipping.  With how often I break or lose mine, I thought this sounded like a pretty sweet deal!  So I went ahead and ordered.  I just received my sunglasses in the mail and I was quite pleased!  They send you a grab bag, so you don't get to choose the exact sunglasses, but they are all very cute, with the exception of one pair I'm not a big fan of (aviators anyone?).  All of the price tags were at least $10, many were more!

They're offering up the deal again, so if you're interested, here's the deal (thanks hip2save!):

Go to and check out their Women’s Sunglasses priced at $9.99. You should also receive free shipping!  You’ll end up paying only $1.11 per pair shipped.  Apparently the sunglasses sell out quickly, so hurry if you're interested!


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