Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Favorite Farmhouse Chic Picks

I've recently been very inspired by the farmhouse chic movement that seems to be taking over, and was totally enamored by the most recent catalog by Pottery Barn.  I really need to get my house in order, I am slacking in the decorating department!

So, tonight I am bringing you my favorite farmhouse chic items that I found browsing Etsy.

Green Electrical Box by Hindsvik, $34
...I think this would be perfect for holding some decorative balls, or as a planter!

Canvas Numbered Tote... by faded prairie, $30
...I just love this little tote, the number is perfectly faded and gives it a modern edge.

Vintage Paperwhite Garden in Antique Metal Mold by birdie1, $29
...Perfect exactly the way it is, this would look lovely on a rustic kitchen or side table.

European enamel ware bowl by gypsyfishstudio, $9.50
...I love enamel! This is especially great because it fits well with the white color scheme I love.

bowled over beautiful turned wooden bowl by cottagefarm, $15
...If you do not visit any other link here, please visit this shop. I had such a hard time picking out what to feature from this shop, but these striking colors in the photo got me. A wooden bowl is such a versatile thing to have in your home, whether it's for serving or decoration.

Three Button Homespun Pillow Cover by CreekBedThreads, $20
...I couldn't resist, I was so inspired by the Pottery Barn catalog that I ran off and made my own version of their cute pillows.

These are just a few of the items from a larger collection that I put together of my favorite items, seen below:

I hope you've enjoyed my farmhouse chic picks and are inspired to dig around and see what you can pull out of the closet and repurpose into a beautiful decoration for your home!

That's it for now, goodnight everyone :)


Anonymous said...

Very cute decorating style...I'm not up on decorating, but you've enlightened me....I love your selections and the new pillow cover. CAn't wait to see more bags!

jamfiescreations1 said...

Oh Erin, I am also fascinated with the farmhouse look. I've been starting it in my kitchen so far.
All these items are wonderful

Love the pillow cover!

Anonymous said...

Great decorating ideas! Do we get to see a picture of your house when you finish decorating? Bloomfield Beads

Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful items! I like the primitive look.

YOUr blog looks great!

MYSAVIOR said...

Oh, if I could only go up into my attic. I have so much stuff up there that would be perfect for this decor.

Love it Erin!

Nina... said...

Love your blog, love your I follow!

Gypsy Fish said...

thanks so much for featuring one of my items....I just love farmhouse chic! So glad I found your blog...totally inspirational!

Bird-in-Hand, Laurie said...

Thank you for featuring Bird-in-Hand's Vintage Paperwhite Garden! I love the all the items you have featured and am so excited to be included with them!

cottagelog said...

a post about my favorite decorating style - i love how you have incorporated huge pops of color in such a subtle way in this collection - thank you for including cottagfarm here too

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