Monday, March 29, 2010

Favorite Spring Color Winner: Turquoise!

Many of you noticed the poll I had on my sidebar the past week or so - well, the results are in!

Lively Turquoise
is the winner of the best spring color poll., with vibrant green trailing close behind!

In honor of lively turquoise, I found these beautiful, inspirational homes to show you:

turquoise kitchen
{What I love}
  • The functionality - huge counter space.
  • The tile behind the stove - while very powerful, it's subdued nicely with the beige wall.
  • The solid theme - turquoise and brown, with splashes of orange (look in that back corner).

turquoise living room
{What I love}
  • The earthy natural colors with the sudden pop of turquoise wing backed chairs.
  • The contrast of the bright yellow green pillows on the turquoise chairs.
  • The warmth of the fireplace in the background.
  • The solid white walls and beams.

childrens turquoise bedroom
{What I love}
  • The modern curves and lines.
  • The functionality - lots of desk space and closet space.
  • So much light!

turquoise kitchen
{What I love}
  • The beautiful white tile offset by the blue walls.
  • The huge bowl of pears!  What could be better?
  • The open shelving - while dangerous for me, if you can keep it clean, more power to you!

turquoise bedroom
{What I love}
  • The bedding - just beautiful and so comfortable looking, too.
  • That lamp in the background - love the modern base and beautiful shade.
  • The greenery in the background - adds a pop of contrast among the light blues.



Carly said...

Pretty! My KitchenAid stand mixer is turquoise and I love it! :)

VivatRegina said...

I love that first pic of the kitchen. GORGEOUS! And I wanna sleep in that big, beautiful bed! How lovely! Great post, I'm glad you posted the results!

Anonymous said...

I love the turquoise!
Bloomfield Beads

PACountry said...

These are great pics! Where do you find them all?

MYSAVIOR said...

Looks just like my house - NOT!! LOL


Lacey from Weekends at Home said...

Love it! If you need more of a turquoise fix head over to

Lavon said...

What beautiful rooms! I really like that first kitchen. So roomy and bright!

Erin said...

Lacey - funny you should mention that - I actually did try to view that website, but I was writing the post at work over lunch, and the photos are blocked here! I will definitely check it out when I get home!

Rustique Art said...

Aghhhh...turquoise take me away!

Although I was a lively green could you not drool over this color as it is implemented in these homes. You think people really live in these homes?

Dionne said...

LOVE that teal backsplash in the first shot. Sooo pretty!

Anonymous said...

It's very pretty! Definitely a color I can handle! I made a bag yesterday with that color from the Joel Dewberry fabric I have. =)

Alicia said...

I love the very first kitchen and the office/daybed room.

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