Tuesday, March 30, 2010

... a Giveaway!

 Quirky Beauty Giveaway

This is an exciting day for me – the day of my first giveaway! Keep reading to find out more.

Quirky Beauty is a shop full of absolutely beautiful hairpieces and other accessories. As someone who enjoys nature, I find Dana’s nature-inspired pieces just gorgeous.

 Quirky Beauty Giveaway  Quirky Beauty Giveaway  Quirky Beauty Giveaway  Quirky Beauty Giveaway  Quirky Beauty Giveaway

Dana kindly answered some interview questions for us so that we could get to know her. Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us a little about yourself. Do you have a family? Pets?
I'm a newlywed. Married almost 1 whole year to my wonderful husband, Harry. He is a professional photographer (he also takes all of the quirkybeauty photos!). Here's his website: www.harrygils.com. We have two cats, Kitty (girl) and Basil (boy) who are very spoiled and loved.

How and when did you get started making beaded headbands and other accessories?
I'm trained as a painter and a fashion stylist for some big department stores in Toronto. I would often make headpieces for mannequins and other props. (You can see some of my work on my website www.dcowie.com) When I was planning my wedding look I decided to make my own headpiece. I wasn't finding anything out there that was what I wanted so I started experimenting. That lead to messing about with beads and sewing until I found my passion for beading. It took several months to iron out my line on Etsy through trial and error.

What is your favorite item to make? Do you have any you dread?
I love starting a new project. I'll have an idea and sketch it out then I'll just start working and see what happens. I don't dread anything in terms of making my accessories. I just dread not pleasing people. I'm a real people-pleaser by nature which can be good or bad depending.

What does a typical weekday look like for you?
I wake up and immediately make coffee (french press!). I then check my emails, get dressed etc. Then I get sewing immediately. Each piece takes me anywhere from 1.5 - 5 hours to make as they are all hand sewn/beaded. I usually listen to some favorite Brit coms or music while I work. Then I package them up and walk to the post office for shipping!

Where do you see your business in 10 years?
I'm hoping to be still creating wonderful accessories and hopefully making some clothing. My mother raised me with all hand made clothes and I would love to make my own and include them in the line. We shall see. A lot can happen in 10 years. I'd like to be in international shops and more magazines. I have big goals.

What is one of the largest obstacles you have had to overcome with your business?
I suppose I have to come to grips with lulls in the business. Sometimes it can be so busy and other days it can be quite slow. I love to work (work-a-holic!)and keep busy and can be quite obsessive about my shop. I've been learning how to use that time to make new designs and market my line.

What inspires your new designs?
I take inspiration from nature, history and architecture mostly. I love fashion and always keep in the loop about what's going on (I've been doing that since I was a little girl in the 80's). I'm also a huge anglophile and am inspired by the English and their aesthetic.

Do you have any favorite traditions?
I don't know if I have any traditions...I am a family girl, I love family dinners. I lead a simple life and I live to make things. As long as I'm making things and doing it on my own turf I'm happy.


Dana of Quirky Beauty is so generous to be giving away this beautiful headpiece, great for any occasion, and in perfect time for spring!

 Quirky Beauty Giveaway    Quirky Beauty Giveaway

To enter, all you need to do is tell me what your favorite thing is about SPRING, and please leave me a way to contact you as well.
I’ll use random.org to choose a winner on Monday, April 5th!



MYSAVIOR said...

QuirkyBeauty has such gorgeous items and they are all handmade!

I love the colors of Spring. The brightness of the yellow of forsynthia bushes and daffodils. The lilacs. The tulips. New hopes and dreams! All God's creations.

Anonymous said...

My favorite thing about Spring is that the snow melts away, warmth once again begins and the earth awakens from its slumber, allowing the beauty of Father God's creation to be manifested, as new life springs forth all around us!

I like the seller's creativity! It looks like a lot of work going into a hair accessory, but such a labor of love.


Dionne said...

Dana is AWESOME! And her hair pieces are really beautiful.

My fave thing about Spring is definitely socializing outdoors. Picnics, BBQ's - anything that mixes my love for people, entertaining, and God's gorgeous creation in nature.

Alicia said...

my favorite thing about spring...green! I love watching the trees and bushes and grass and everything just sprout back to life. It's very refreshing.

Oh and daylight savings is great too. Love to get to see the sun after work.

Rustique Art said...

My favorite thing about spring is the first sign of the green halo on the trees. The first hint of the southern breeze, throw open the windows and air out the house.

QuirkyBeauty is adorable and her designs are so unique. They're fabulous.


p.s. I wouldn't have to delete if I would learn how to spell :)

Liv said...

I love when everything comes to color again.... that's what I love about spring!

Carly said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I love when my flowers start to come back in the spring!

Knit2getherInLove said...

Beautiful designs!

Favorite thing about Spring?
Watching the buds appear on the bare trees which appeared dead all winter long. Brings me hope.

Mechelle said...

I love looking at the beautiful flowers come in bloom, and the change to warmer weather.

VivatRegina said...

How beautiful!!!

I love how I get that extra energy about me, I love the colors, I love the extra daylight in the evenings, I just love it all! :)

Lavon said...

My favorite thing about Spring is being able to open up the doors and windows and let the fresh air in!
This seller has an awesome shop...hadn't seen it before, but now I've hearted it.

Christie Cottage said...

MY favorite thing about Spring...my favorite color starts showing up everywhere! Green!


Anonymous said...

I like just everything about spring, but mostly I like the sun shining so much again!
Bloomfield Beads

Kim said...

Ahhh spring, i love this time of year. My absolute favorite thing about spring is that my senses are awakened! I love the smell of fresh blooming flowers, the feel of soft falling rain, and the warmth of the sun.

(Thatsomething; Kim)

Anonymous said...

Every spring I am overcome with the need to get outdoors and plant new things, and I LOVE that! Yesterday I cleaned and mowed the front and back yards, so now they are primed and ready to go.

Gorgeous giveaway!


Assistpal said...

My favorite thing is about how nature come alive and everything appears so fresh. I truly feel how great God is.

Love your site.

Jessica said...

Gorgeous work I just absolutely love it!

My favorite thing about spring is that everything is fresh and new and revitalized. Its a time of rebirth and new beginnings on many levels!

JMacMhuirich at gmail dot com

MopTopMaven said...

My favorite thing about Spring is watching my daughter thoroughly enjoy the perfect weather as she plays outside with me! We check out the budding flowers, swing high on the swings, take walks around the neighborhood....

melaniezlot at hotmail.com

2BIRDSTONE said...

Ooh, love that headband! My favorite thing about spring is the fresh green of new grass.

2birdstone at gmail.com

Jess said...

I love spring because the weather is just perfect. It's too warm for a winter jacket but a sweatshirt or spring jacket is just right. It's not too warm to walk around all day and the evening is crisp enough for a blanket on the beach.

Holly said...

That is a beautiful headband. What I love about Spring...sunshine, flowers, green grass...and my birthday!
504 Main

Colleen said...

I have to say that this year my favorite thing is being able to run outside but prior to this year that has not been the case.

For the past 4 years, I wanted spring to come so I could go to a park and take pictures and read at said park. (But my husband only went to take pictures in 2006... :( I can't get him to go more. I just tried to upload those park pictures to show you and realized they were one of the many pictures I lost when my hard drive died.

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