Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Is Coming

What a joy it is to walk outside and feel the warmth of spring in the air! Even though we've only had a taste of it these past few days, I am ready to forget the bone-chilling cold winter air, the breathlessness that came from walking from the warm indoors to the windy outside. Now I can breathe deeply and I want to skip… run… dance through fields of wildflowers… oh so idyllic. The thrill of new life is just waiting around the corner.

Birds chirping,

baby bird

Flowers blooming,

little bug

Treasures waiting to be found.

4.10.08 050_edited-4

Exploring to do,

5-8 048

Places to go,

img_6.8.08 010

New sights to see!

Phipps 064

Such excitement comes with the spring - roller coaster rides, walks through the park, heading out for a Sunday picnic. Cardinals in the backyard, trees blooming into beautiful pinks and whites, fresh fruit on it’s way!

Bring on the spring!



Liv said...

Hooray for Spring, fresh air pouring through the windows, great thunderstorms, and all the brown things slowly or quickly turning bright and green!!

Michelle Faith said...

Hey, droping by from Friday follow, I'm a new follower. Happy to meet new blogging friends! Have a great weekend.
Wonderful photos!

FaithVintage said...

Cute photo of the bird. Was the bird green on one side, or was that from the lighting or your camera? I've heard that animals that are exposed to algae on a regular basis tend to turn a bit green. :o)

Anonymous said...

I love spring time! I'm excited to see green again! =)

Erin said...

FaithVintage - I believe the green you are referring to is some green moss on the ground, the bird is all gray and blue :)

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