Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Huge Thank You!

The last few months have been packed full of house projects: sanding, staining, patching, painting, packing, you name it.  There's no possible way that I could be sitting in this Smoky Blue office with its refinished floors, working on our white IKEA desk, if it wasn't for many many people who have helped us along the way.  My husband and I have been so overwhelmed with the generosity of our family and friends who have gone out of their way to lend us a helping hand, or to pray for us.  We are so grateful!

Thank you to...

Our parents, who have listened to us and cared about us the whole way through, fixed the numerous plumbing issues in the house, installed our new sliding door in the rain, painted in those last stressful days before the move, helped us plant gardens, left us gifts to keep us going, and many many other things that did not go unnoticed.

Our family, who planted a vegetable garden for us, painted a ton of trim, and who went out of their way to help us move.

Our friends, who helped us prime and paint until 1am, who were eager to help us move, who listened to our progress each step of the way, celebrating our successes, and praying for us.

And, our realtor, for being patient with us as we searched and searched for just the right house... it only had to be cheap and exactly what we were looking for, was that so difficult?  :-)

We feel so blessed to be here, and so thankful for our family and friends who have made it possible.  I'm sure I missed a few things, but we just want to say a big

to all of you who helped, whether physically or in your thoughts and prayers.  We appreciate you!



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had so many wonderful supporters! What a blessing!!!

God has truly blessed you!

Cindi @ Rustique Art said... add to miss Anita's comment I think it goes without saying that if we lived closer to you, we would have been there too. I am so full of joy for you and your husband.

I have loved reading about your journey and I've been waiting to see your colors so I can send you a cross. I think I'm getting some good looks at your color scheme throughout the house :)

Patiently waiting on those dining room and kitchen pics!

Anonymous said...

We are proud of you both for not giving up and working so hard to make your house a beautiful home! We love you!

M and Daddio

Anonymous said...

p.s. We're still available for phase 2! :)

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