Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We Moved In!

 The last few weeks have been quite hectic as we've been trying to prepare the house for moving in, packing up the old house, and moving!  We moved this past Friday, and then conveniently were not home for the following two days :-)  So on Monday, the unpacking began!

To show you what our last few weeks have been like, I've prepared a few photo strips of our progress.

Here is how our living room has progressed in the past few weeks:

The color we chose for the walls in the living room is called Sharkey Gray by Martha Stewart, color matched by Sherwin Williams.  We painted all of the ceilings in a flat extra white, and the trim is semi-gloss extra white.

And here is the office  progress:

The office color is called Smoky Blue by Sherwin Williams.  I am completely in love with this color!  Anything I put against it looks amazing.  Our white Ikea desk is against it on one wall, with dark brown modern chairs.  Beneath the window you can see the rustic glove box, which I put a wicker storage piece next to for now:

The curtains are actually just $5 flat bed sheets from Walmart!  And the curtain rod is from Lowe's, I love the opalescence of it.

And lastly for now, our guest bedroom, which we've decided to use as our master until we can work on the upstairs.  We've pretty much left the 2nd floor as is for now!

The color we chose in here is called Celery, again by Sherwin Williams.  The one window isn't painted yet, because we need to do some work on it - the old paint is chipping, and the trim needs to be wood-filled.

I also just put in the new blinds today - I am in love with them!  They are also from Lowe's, and they cut them to the right size for me while I waited!  That's pretty awesome considering our windows are apparently not a standard size.  The blinds also come with a privacy liner already on them, which I love, since the bamboo is a little bit see-through at night.

Here's a close-up:

Whew!  We've also made some progress in the kitchen, as well as the dining room, but there's much more to do still, so I'll save it for another day! 



Regina said...

it looks goregous!!! Ya'll are doing such a great job! :)

Miranda's Place said...

I'm glad everything is coming along for you.The colors look great.

Anonymous said...

I have soooo been thinking about you and wondering how you are!!! I assumed you were finished with school...but definitely not done with work! =)

The house...WOW...the floors...AWESOME! I'm in love with your space...of course, I knew you'd make a beautiful home. I only wish I could drop by and visit! Are you doing things outside too?

Sometime when you're free, I'd love to hear how your school year went....and if you'll return next year. God bless you and Jared as you finish unpacking! So happy for you!

Cindi @ Rustique Art said...

Erin..Everything looks lovely! Your floors are fabulous and every room looks warm and inviting. You guys have worked your tails off and it shows! Love the office...I'm a dark wall person, especially in an office area. It seems to create a quiet and relaxed state of mine.

Can't wait to see kitchen and dining room.

Kim @ Life Analytical said...

The office color is so pretty!

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