Friday, April 23, 2010

F-stop Quiz Winner and a Great Shop!

Dun dun dun.

The answers to the f-stop quiz are:

1. Does the image above have a high f-stop or low f-stop?

Low f-stop. You can know this image has a low f-stop because only one slice of grass is in focus. This means it has a shallow depth of field. A shallow depth of field is achieved by having a low f-stop.

2. Does the image above have a shallow depth of field or a deep depth of field?

Deep depth of field. We know this because all of the objects in the photo are in focus, yet they are all different distances away from the viewer.

3. Does the camera that took image above have a large or small aperture at the time the photo was taken?

Small aperture. This one caused some confusion! Here's the deal. The image has a huge depth of field, which we know because everything (foreground, far away tree) is in focus. A deep depth of field is achieved by setting your f-stop quite high. A high f-stop causes a small aperture!

4. Did the camera taking the above photo let in a lot of light or a small amount of light when taking the picture (ignoring other variables besides f-stop)?

Large amount of light. This was another trouble spot for most people. This image has a very shallow depth of field - the leaf is in focus but the fence is not. This means that the f-stop would be set at a low number. A low f-stop corresponds to a large aperture. The aperture's size determines how much light is let in - if the aperture is large, then more light is let in!

5. Does the image above have a low f-stop or high f-stop?

High f-stop. This was a pretty easy one - the image has a very deep depth of field, which is caused by the high f-stop.

Only one person got all the questions right, and this was RustiqueArt! Congratulations RustiqueArt, I will send you your prize shortly!

Rustique actually has a beautiful Etsy shop, see some of her lovely designs below:

rustic jesus fish

rustic jesus cross beaded



Steadfast Ahoy! said...

So I missed the questions post, but I really liked the answers. A good review. Well done.

Dionne said...

Great quiz, Erin! Very informative!

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