Friday, April 9, 2010

Stampin Up Thank You Card

A little over a week ago, I hosted a Stampin' Up party at my house. The party, as well as the technique class I attended a few weeks ago, served to re-spark my interest in stamping. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get you back in the swing of things! Last night, I got the supplies I ordered, and took the time to put together all of the stamp sets I got. I also had enough time to make these little thank-you notes to stick in with everyone else's orders, so I thought I'd show them off here, as the first card of my own design that I've made in a looooong time!

stampin up thank you mini card

The thank you stamp is from the Stampin Up Four Square set, and the flower is from the Vintage Vogue set. I used the bold brights marker set for my inks.



MYSAVIOR said...

You are so creative, Erin!''
I love stamping.


Anonymous said...

Cute! You did a great job!
~Lindsay (PA)

Anonymous said...

Very nice card! I have a whole box of stamps that haven't been used in years!
Bloomfield Beads

Dionne said...

I have a special place in my heart for Stampin' Up. One of my best friends who passed away 2 years ago was a Stampin' Up saleschick and she got me into scrapbooking.

I didn't know you were into stamping! I have a few stamp lines out (but not through stamping up) that feature my illustrations. If you're interested, I can direct you to where you can buy them.

Colleen said...

nice card.

I should start taking pictures of my cards more.

Holly said...

That is beautiful. I love the style and the colors. I have never been to a Stampin' Up party...I can hardly believe it!

Anonymous said...

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