Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vintage Forsythia

Yesterday I noticed that our forsythia bush out back was just about in bloom, so I took a few pictures. I ended up playing around with them in Photoshop Elements and was quite pleased with the results. Each picture uses a combination of Pioneer Woman PSE Actions (Boost, Soft and Faded, Quick Edge Burn), and the Old Photo filter in Elements (adjusted levels and opacity).

vintage forsythia

forsythia photo

yellow forsythia

Anyone else have lovely blooms on anything yet?  If you have pictures online, please leave a link, I'd love to see them!

The GIVEAWAY is still on until Monday, if you haven't entered yet!



Colleen said...

My brother takes awesome pictures of his plants. Here is one. I saw his plant in real live a few weeks after I saw the picture and was shocked how small the plant actually was.

Peruse pages 6 and 7 to see more He also has more on his picasa but he filled that space. He also filled flickr but I forget that link.

I might have some of plants but my old macro wasn't good. I don't have them uploaded to my picasa to link them. I might dig for them, upload them then comment again.

Jennifer said...

Love, love, love it!! Gorgeous pictures Erin!

Carly said...

Gorgeous pics! You should frame these as a series...lovely!

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful! We don't have any blooms yet on ours. Spring is in the air though!

Shermanators said...

Hi Erin!! I LOVE your new blog!!! I HOPE to get back into Etsy after the baby is born and we get settled into a routine...he's due any day now! =)

Kristin said...

Love the pretty pictures! I took some bloom pics while experimenting with my new camera this weekend...not sure how they turned out yet though, they're still on the camera! :) I want to try some of those actions too - so cool!

GlowinGirl said...

Lovely photos! I haven't gotten into photoshop yet . . . still waiting on my new computer before and am afraid to clog up this old thing. :)

I saw your link on (in) courage. Can't wait to look around a little more!

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