Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kitchen Ideas

Thank you all for the advice about painting!!! I haven't really discussed this with my husband yet, or made any final decisions, but here is one palette I like a lot!

The turquoise blue would be the wall color. The floors are a white ceramic tile, the cabinets are white, and the counter tops are also very light. I have a set of green chairs, as well as a red kitchenaid mixer and a red keureg out on my counter, just to give you an idea of my kitchen!

Here is the actual color scheme that I like:

What do you think? I know it's a lot of different colors, but there will be minimal red and green accents... most of the kitchen will still be white, and I think it can support all the color!


Liv said...

lovely so cozy and inviting to me.

Colleen said...

I love turquoise. I haven't been bold enough to put that on a wall yet.

I like red. We tie red into every room even when the wall colors are different. It ties things together.

Colleen said...

Also I wonder if when I look at your colors that I'm supposed to think of Stampin' Up colors because I do.

Christie Cottage said...

Love the pallette!

I have a room that is truquoise and orangish/peach with small splashes of green. I love the color combination!!!

I taped may walls yesterday to paint... LOL

See what you did! Inspired me to use that new gallon of paint!

Have a wonderful day!

Holly said...

Love that color combo...we are doing are kitchen, but for this house it is going to be very living room is already purple. I want that turquoise tea pot!

Anonymous said...

Love the teapot! I think your choices are to see what you actually end up doing. =)

Rustique Art said...

Makes me think "Pottery Barn"!!

Can't wait to see your finished project.

Carla at Jesus Notes said...

Love that color palette, Erin. Turquoise can pull warmth from a room if it's not balanced, but your green chairs, splashes of red and the white and earth tones should make for a lovely space. Sounds refreshing! Can't wait to see before and after photos!

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