Friday, April 16, 2010

More Flower Pretties

I'm loving all the springtime flowers that are popping up everywhere! These flower photos were taken at my Grandma's house on Easter.

easter flowers with filter

easter flowers with filter



Christie Cottage said...

I love the flowers of Spring!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Colleen said...

Very pretty.

Carla at Jesus Notes said...

Hi Erin!

I can't think of the name of the purple flower, but it's beautiful. I've been dreaming of planting a year-round flower garden ... from seed!

Joyous Friday,

Carla :o)

Carla at Jesus Notes said...

Oh, wait ... that's a lovely Hyacinth flower, right! :o)

Alison said...

very nice!
I was going to ask if you got any of Miss Chloe flying through the air :) We got a few the other day...but I'm sure yours are WAY better!!

Amanda T said...

Wow, what beautiful pictures. I especially love the yellow one :)!

-Amanda T

Holly said...

I am ready for some beautiful flowers!

Al said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful pictures

zoomyummy said...

Oh, those are some lovely flowers. I myself love to take pics like this... I take snap my Mom's garden.



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