Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beautiful Necklace GIVEAWAY!

It's another special day here at Creek Bed Threads. Remember the giveaway from QuirkyBeauty? Well, the winner of the giveaway contacted me about doing her own giveaway here!

Introducing: JessicaRae Jewellery!

Jessica Rae Jewellery bracelet Jessica Rae Jewellery watch Jessica Rae Jewellery watch

Tell us a little about yourself. Do you have a family? Pets?

My name is Jessica. I live in Vancouver, Canada (recent host to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games). I have 3 awesome little boys who are the light of my life and a supportive husband. I also have 3 freshwater fish tanks, one of which is 110gal 6 footer! <3 it!

How and when did you get started making jewelry?

Jewelry, Jewellery - Tomatoe ,Tomato hahaha. I only started creating jewellery about a year ago. I was trying to find some nice pieces for myself and my bridesmaids for my Oct. wedding and I just couldn't find anything I liked AND would fit in my budget! So I set out to create my own. I started getting requests for commissioned work and decided to open my first etsy store (KarmasCreation). Recently I was approached with a wonderful opportunity to have my jewellery showcased in local fashion shows! I seized the opportunity and decided a name change was in order. I needed to take my hobby/craft and refine it so people would take me seriously, thus JessicaRae Jewellery was born!

What is your favorite item to make? Do you have any you dread?

My favorite item to make is a custom piece. I love being able to work with a client and help them create their vision. I dread working with little beads haha... more often then not my floor obtains more then the piece I am working on ;)

What does a typical weekday look like for you?

Busy! I try to juggle 3 little boys, a house and my business! Don't ask me how I do it, most days I'm just on autopilot haha. Thankfully my youngest (15 months old) still naps twice a day so I'm able to use one of those to make a few jewellery pieces and another to clean/tidy the house. I also have an awesome husband who tries to help me out and give me some downtime to focus on my jewellery as often as he can :)

Where do you see your business in 10 years?

In the very least I would like to say I am making a profitable living from doing something I love and enjoy.

What is one of the largest obstacles you have had to overcome with your business?

Did I mention I have 3 little boys?! Haha. Money and time! As a young family of 5, it's a struggle at times but it's worth it. The joy I receive from my children and my jewellery creations far outweigh the obstacles!

What inspires your new designs?

What doesn't?! I live in a gorgeous place full of natural beauty and inspiration. I look inside of myself and create from within.

JessicaRae is giving away this beautiful necklace for one lucky reader! I am so pleased to be able to give this away to one of you, it's gorgeous.

Jessica Rae Jewellery necklace

Jessica Rae Jewellery necklace

To win, please tell me in the comments what your favorite lunch food is.  
Random, yes, but I need ideas. Our lunches get boring.

One entry per person, please!

Winner will be chosen by the morning of May 10th.
PLEASE make sure that your email address is somewhere in the comment if you don't have it linked with blogger!



Lavon said...

Wow, Jessica Rae has some stunning pieces! I would LOVE to win that necklace.
HMMM favorite lunch food? My lunches tend to be pretty boring... one simple one I like is cheese and crackers paired with apples and peanut butter (I LOVE apple wedges smeared with peanut butter)...did I mention my tastes are a little strange?

Alicia said...

Oh what fun to see her shop on your blog. Jessica Rae is a member of my other team :).

My favorite lunch. HMMM, Right now, spring rolls with tofu, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, noodle and yummy spicy peanut sauce. :)

MYSAVIOR said...

My mom used to make a creamcheese loaf that would probably be considered very fattening now but you can make it low fat. The combination is so delcious.These are the layers.

Fresh salmon salad
Egg salad or sliced eggs
Fresh tuna salad
Fresh sliced tomatoes

Add some dark leafy lettuce and you have a beautiful luncheon plate with no bread.

Anonymous said...

That's a very beautiful piece.

I love soup for can make a pot and freeze it in smaller bowls...Broccoli and Cheese is delicious...other kinds as well.

However, since we're coming into summer, I would go for a pita stuffed with chicken salad...add some leafy lettuce and it's delicious! I'd mix up a fruit salad and have that on the side...nothing better than fresh fruit!

Anonymous said...

lunch? yogurt if leftovers aren't available!

Lindsay said...

That necklace is beautiful! So elegant and graceful, I love it!
My lunches are boring mostly lunch meat and cheese . One thing I do like that switches it up sometimes is an apple with peanut butter, Mmmm… (Plus it is easy to prep!)

Critters and Crafts said...

Gorgeous necklace! My favorite lunch at home is leftover steak :)

PACountry said...

Oh, how I love naptime- just getting ready for my little ones' nap!
I prefer leftovers- just had a popcorn chicken bowl! Sometimes for the kids I make my own lunchables with crackers and cut cheese slices and bologna in quarters.

Jess said...

Lunch....I'm a huge fan of leftovers, especially stir fry leftovers.

Kristin said...

It's Cinco de Mayo, eat some tacos!! Or another lunch idea - the other day my brother made an open-faced herring melt. Umm...ok...maybe I'm not being helpful with the lunches? But that is some pretty jewelry!! :)

cory - falling star lane said...

Pretty necklace - i like the simplicity.

For lunch - i love a huge sandwich - basically a salad in a wonderful chewy sourdough bread - lots of what ever will fit - lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumber, cheese, turkey or chicken, onion, - sometimes i'll just put leftover salad in there with lunch meat!!! mmmmmmmm

FOKXXY said...

Favorite lunch food is hard. I love so many!

Big fan of hot salami sandwhiches with fresh buns from the deli down the street.

I also like a nice garden fresh salad with poppyseed dressing. I never thought I would like poppyseed anything.. but this dressing is to die for. love it.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

My favorite lunch--if I could have leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner every day for lunch, (turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie!) I'd be a happy, roly-poly camper. :)
--Rebecca Mann, facebook fan

hether78 said...

Ooohhhhh that necklace IS so pretty! My fave lunch idea is a wrap filled with roasted red peppers, spinach leaves, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes & hummus! It doesn't sound amazing but sure tastes good and is great for your health! My son also has allergies to dairy & gluten so this is great for him! Thanks for the chance!


MimiRob said...

Love the necklace! It would be tempting to keep it for 'moi', but I know just the person that needs some 'hope'.
Right now a healthy version of the good old BLT is a favorite for me. A little less regular bacon -- or the turkey kind if I have it -- and dark green lettuce, yummy tomatoes, and light mayo on wheat bread. Mmmm...

Anonymous said...

Are we talking lunch for kids or moms?

I love a salad of spinich with strawberries or blueberries (spring or summer) and pineapple tidbits in their natural juice using the pineapple juice for the salad dressing. yummy . . .

For the kids, english muffin pizzas (eng muffin halves with pizza sauce & mozzarella) seem to do the trick in returning them back to their happy kid stage ready for the usual pb&j with fruit or carrot sticks on the side :).

Jennifer Juniper said...

My fave is triscuits with turkey, cheese, and avocado.

But my kids like to eat octopus noodles - spear hot do slices with uncooked spaghetti then boil til noodles are soft. Serve with butter and parm cheese :)

Colleen said...

Leftovers. but the best is
grilled chicken (make extra so you have some for lunch), parsley potatoes (made in the microwave... easy), and steamfresh veggies. the steamfresh bag doesn't last enough meals so make a 2nd.

Separate in containers after you eat dinner and you are good to go.

I get disappointed if I don't have enough for 2 days worth of lelftovers.

Rustique Art said...

My favorite lunch is tuna salad sandwich...but that is kinda of boring. I have to luxury of working from home so I am blessed with a plethora of choices...that is right after I have shopped and stocked.

Easiest by far is any type of roll up. Favorite roll up is roast beef (lunch meat sliced thin)and mozzarella cheese warmed to perfection.

Bon appetit!

Sandy Savage said...

Hi! I love your new design and love the combination of pearls and diamonds with Hope. What a great message. My son's Tuna Salad is great (made with olive oil, lemon juice, dill seed & celery seed) on warm days. On cold days I like Progresso's Chicken Tuscany. It tastes like homemade! I'm Erin N.'s Aunt Sandy at

Suzie's Armoire said...

First I have to remember to eat lunch, lol! Favorite? I don't know. Growing up it was PB&J. Every day. (I'm a picky eater...) Now I usually just grab something quick out of the fridge/freezer. Today it was a Market Day strawberry filled pancake pod--like a pancake sandwich with strawberry filling.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Cute Giveaway! :) My favorite lunch is a turkey wrap, Triscuits, and a Coke to keep me awake for the rest of the day. ;) Thanks so much for your visit earlier this sorry it's taken me a bit to return the favor. Hosting that blog party really took it out of me. ;)

lovelywinter said...

Chickenless nuggets (from trader joes) with a lemony tomato cilantro salad. That is what I ate for lunch today :)

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