Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Different Types of Window Treatments

Window treatments have always been a bit of a mystery to me... never quite sure whether to go with curtains or shades or blinds... or nothing at all...
So when our house had slatted blinds there already, that was one easy thing to cross off of our immediate to-do list.
But now that we've been there a bit, I've been thinking about upgrades... specifically curtains at the moment... so here are some inspiring photos of different types of curtains.

I'm not a big fan of too formal, so these are all pretty casual, and all good options for our home.

I love the flowy-ness of these, so light and airy.

Roman shades are definitely a favorite of mine.  These black and white stripes look so nice - not overpowering at all.

What I think of as traditional - although these look to go all the way to the ceiling.  Picking a fabric for these would be daunting!  Solid?  Pattern?  Bright and bold or earthy and mild?

Another Roman shade, this time, bamboo.  We actually have these in our kitchen already :)

And these... mysterious ones.  Not quite sure if they're Roman shades, or if they're just stuck up there, but they sure are pretty!

What do you like for your window treatments?

Also... I am happy to announce the winner of the JessicaRae Necklace is Rebecca Mann!  Congrats Rebecca!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice! =) I think my favorite is the cozy!

Colleen said...
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Colleen said...

before reading your post I saw the topic and thought how roman shades are my favorite even though I have blinds (Slats like 2 inches deep) in my windows that actually have some sort of treatment.

I'm a fan of blinds + curtains if doing curtains.

Kristin said...

I love Ikea for curtains - cause they're so much less expensive than anywhere else! The curtains we have now, I made from fabric that was clearanced out at a Linens N Things that was deal. ever. Like $10 for curtains that cover our ENTIRE extra-wide patio window, and I even have an extra pair for when our girlies ruin these ones!! (of course, now I am sick of them...but they're easy to replace!)

Laura said...

Hey Erin :)

Curtains for me are varried - I have most of the ones at my house posted on our blog - :) We don't have full floor length ones in the dinning room, kitchen, or office. We do have blinds on all the windows - privacy is a must from neighbors who like to spy!!!!

~ Laura

Carla :o) said...

Erin, lovely post on curtains. What beautiful photos! I'm a huge fan of functional curtains that either filter light or block light, but that are also beautiful and flow nicely. So many modern homes (you see this model homes a lot) have faux curtains that are only meant to frame a window, with sheers as the main fabric. They never feel authentic to me. I love design to be both beautiful and functional. :o)

Holly said...

I need a class in window coverings...I never get them quite right. All of these are fantastic and make me want more for my windows!

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