Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tagging Game #8

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Thanks to an awesome blogger over at Quiltish (check her out, you'll love it!), I'm going to share the 8th photo in my 8th folder of my pictures on my computer.  So ... here it is!

craft show selling tips and setup

This is the one and only craft show I have done so far!  It was last November, and I really really enjoyed doing it - plus it was fun to do one around Christmas!  I'm not sure about this summer, but I certainly plan on doing another show at some point.  It was quite an adventure doing my first, but I loved it!

Some things I learned:
  • Depending on your area, sometimes you don't really need a credit card machine.
    I debated for a long time about taking credit cards, but decided against it in the end since it was my first show.  I don't think a single person even tried to pay with plastic!

    I thought I had a wide variety of heights for my table, different levels, etc... but once it was all set up, I was wrong!  I learned that I really needed to put some displays up higher - even eye level if possible!  Having everything at one level makes it hard to see lots of things at once.

  • Use stronger tape!
    Although I did tape down the vintage bulbs borrowed from my mom, more than a few fell (luckily, not all that fell broke).
  • Be friendly, but not overbearing.  Take something to keep busy.
    If it's possible to do your craft on the go, take it and work on it there.  During downtime, or times when people are shopping but don't require attention, it would have been nice to have something for my hands to do!  I didn't want to make shoppers feel awkward by watching them, so having something to keep me busy, while still being available for their questions would have been great.
  • Get help!
    Both my husband and my parents helped me set up that day, and I was extremely grateful for that.  Since this was my first show, I didn't necessarily have all the nifty setups and packing techniques that others did, so it was very helpful to have quite a few arms helping me load and unload.  Plus, having company during the day was great, too, so that I could take a break if I needed to!

Comment below with a link to the 8th picture in the 8th folder of your pictures!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful thoughts Erin..thank you! Your display is amazing to I can't wait to see the improvements at your next show!

Dionne said...

I loved your setup. SOoo cute!

zoom yummy said...

The cute little things in the picture look just adorable. :) Petra

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