Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Old Things Made New

I love to use old things to decorate our home.

I love to take old yo-yos and transform them into pretty flowers.  I love to find old furniture, give it a fresh coat of paint... and suddenly there's a functional but beautiful sewing table.  Better yet, leave the furniture alone, stick it in a clean modern room, and you have rustic kitchen charm!  I love to stack old books on a mantle to give a modern piece a rustic edge.

Sometimes old things need a lot of work... sometimes they are perfect as they are... and sometimes they need just a little help.

My mom had this old quilt that is quite literally falling apart.  She gave it to me, thinking it was useless... but I made sure to put it to good use.  I've been wanting to find a cutter quilt (a quilt that is beyond help and needs to be cut up to be useful) to use for some pillows.  This quilt is the perfect colors for our living room, I was delighted when I saw it!

I wanted to cover two 20" pillows that we had, and 4 quilt blocks measured about 17" square.  So I needed to add just a bit of fabric along each edge of the quilt, and then I added the backing as well in the same fabric.  Luckily I already had the fabric, and it matched perfectly!

rustic charm cutter quilt pillow

rustic charm cutter quilt pillow

The living room really needed a bit more rustic added to it, so this was exactly what I had in mind.  I'm in love!  I have another one half made, but once complete it will adorn the opposite side of the couch.



Colleen said...

I love it.

hiddenmanna said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful pillow! I think I need to do some decorating.
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MYSAVIOR said...

It is just wonderful and matches perfectly. You always do beautiful work.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness... it is SO pretty! What a great idea. It looks great on your couch... the perfect added touch!

creationsbycurry said...

Great idea, and even greater pillows! I have a hard time parting with family treasures, and this inspired me to try the same concept with my Mimi's old sweater that I just can't bear to let go of.

God Bless, and thanks for the inspiration,


Anonymous said...

It's so pretty! You did a wonderful job...I love that you were able to utilize what you had on hand!

Kristin said...

So pretty! I love your home decor style...and wish you could come to my house for a consultation!!

Holly said...

Great idea! Looks fantastic too!

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