Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Table

Just a few weekends ago, we had some friends over for dinner - a perfect chance to decorate for fall!  I love fall - all of my dishes seem to fit with the fall colors the best.

There was only one little issue... recently, we inherited my grandfather's dining room table.  But, the chairs were not in great shape, so that meant we had a table but no chairs, and we needed to seat 7!  My husband and I went on the hunt the morning of the dinner... and wouldn't you  know, we found these beautiful refinished chairs circa 1880s at the first place we stopped!  They had a set of 6, which was perfect.  We already owned two needlepoint chairs of similar style that my grandmother made, making it possible for us to seat 8.  Excellent!

The guy at the antique store gave us a fabulous deal, so we were quite pleased how it turned out.  It ended up being much cheaper than buying chairs at Ikea even!

Here is how my fall table turned out all set up (sorry for the poor picture).



Colleen said...

Very nice. Your old table was nice too that you had when I visited. What did you do with that old one?

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful! I'm glad you got a great deal on them!

Alison said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful table, and those chairs are in great condition!

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