Friday, October 8, 2010

Free Candy!

Attention: This deal is no longer available - apparently it was a mistake on Rite Aids part that has now been fixed!

Whatever you are doing, you should stop right this minute and go to Rite Aid.  After you read this post.

(I have no idea how those sour patch kids got open, honest...)

See all this candy?  I made $5 by buying it.  And I'm not kidding.  Here's how (I found out through one of my favorite blogs, hip2save, and my friend).

First, if you don't have a Rite Aid card already, you need to get one (for free) by signing up here.
Next, head to Rite Aid and purchase up to 12 bags of the following candy:

* Skittles 14 oz
* Swedish Fish 14 oz
* Cow Tail Minis 10 oz
* Starburst 14oz
* Jolly Ranchers 14oz
* Caramel Cremes 12 oz
* Sour Patch Kids 14 oz
* Jolly Rancher Pops 10 oz
* Charms Blow Pops 10.4 oz or 11.4 oz
* Dum Dum Pops 11.4 oz
* Lifesaver Mints Wint o Green 13 oz
* Tootsie Roll Pops 10.175 oz

First of all, these are large bags of candy, not individual servings!  I believe any of the candy that they have the yellow 2/$5 tags on will work, but the ones I bought are listed below.

When you check out, you'll pay $2.50 per bag.  You can use a coupon for $5 off your $25 purchase found here or here.  If you buy 10 bags of candy like I did, this means you will pay $20 out of pocket.

On your receipt, there will be coupons for +UP rewards off your next purchase.  For every 2 bags of candy you buy, you get $1 +UP reward.  Then, there are mystery rewards ... for every bag of candy you buy, you get another $2 +UP reward!  If you do the math, this means that you will receive $5 +UP rewards for every 2 bags of candy you buy. 

I bought the following 10 bags of candy:
2 Tropical Starbursts 14oz.
2 Skittles Original 14oz.
2 Sour Patch Kids 14oz.
2 Starbursts Original 14oz.
2 Tootsie Roll Pops 10.125oz.

I paid $20+tax out of pocket (actually less by using previous +UP rewards), and earned $25 +UP rewards off my next purchase, good through 10/23!  Which means, I earned $5 by buying a TON of candy!

Now I just have one question ... what in the world am I going to do with all this candy???


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'll take a bag of sour patch kids! I haven't had them in forever!!!! I LOVE them! =)

Otherwise, donate it to your church? Do they do a kids activity or anything?

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