Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shopping Sites Galore

All of these shopping sites are popping up out of nowhere!  And they all seem to be offering great deals.  So I feel obligated to share with you :-)  Feel free to ignore and move on if you're not in the market for anything - this is definitely not intended to make you spend your hard earned money frivolously!

The new shopping site for today is called Modnique.  It's another site similar to Rue La La, which I posted about earlier this week.  This time, when you sign up, you get a $5 credit.  Doesn't sound quite as good... but... there is also a $10 off promo code - just use the code "star" at checkout!

Doing this, I scored a gray cami for $2.95 shipped.  The cami's started out $9.99, and the "star" code took off the entire price of the cami.  Shipping was $7.95, which I applied my $5 credit to!  The "star" code cannot be applied to shipping, but the $5 credit can - so anything under $10 on the website will be yours for $2.95.

(Ok... now... I just checked the website again and they've upped the cami price to $17.00!!!  Not nice!)

If you're in the market for kids stuff there is also a very cute section of items $14 and under - things like rain boots and lady bug scarves!


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